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Divine appointments



Amazing how God works. The way He suddenly shows up, romances you and invites you to dance. A dance, He lovingly, gently takes the lead showing one step and then the next. Not like a journey, though it is part of that, but often a journey is associated with a specific task or destination. A dance is a time of bonding. God sends the invitation to not just walk with Him, but be led by Him. There is some conversation, but there is more flow, like a melody. Your eyes are fixed on Him, you trust His lead and follow. The lights are dim, focusing your every move on His. You don’t look at where you’re going, you follow. It’s a time of spiritual growth and increased trust. It’s a time of change in the natural, but in the spiritual, there is peace, flow, and a feeling of holding on to the eternal. Some may call it a season, or a change of season. Right now, I simply choose to enjoy the dance.




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